8 good reasons to spend your holidays in Tenerife


Many people when planning their next vacation tend to think of exotic and remote places as a way to escape the exhausting routine and find a kind of lost paradise.

Although postcard borders can be found outside the Spanish borders, we are not far behind either, and foreigners, who usually value more what the Spaniards themselves already have in themselves, know much.

We speak, how could it be otherwise, of the Canary Islands, a place for enjoyment, rest, pleasure and leisure, with good weather throughout the year.

Can you ask for more? The reality is that yes and equally true is that they have it in the Canary Islands.

On this occasion we wanted to focus on one of its favorite islands: Tenerife.

Here you can find stunning beaches but, in addition to that, Hotels with spa in Tenerife that will delight all travelers, who will notice how these holidays do return with more than renewed energies.

But what does this island really have to offer? And why is it a destination to consider?

The Teide

The Teide

Yes, you had to start with him, without a doubt. It should be noted that it is the third highest volcano in the world and that it is located in an exceptional area, such as the Las Cañadas del Teide National Park.

About three million people pass by there every year to be amazed by its beauty and if, in addition, what you want is to have exceptional views, there is always the option of getting on your cable car to be able to take unique photographs.

The mere trip to the volcano is already worth it because, by the way, the leafiness is left behind to go to an area where the only thing left are rocks and the few plants that have been known to adapt to a complicated soil, such as it is the one through which lava has passed


Pure nature


Following the thread of the previous point, it should be mentioned that the nature offered by the island of Tenerife does not end, much less, with the Teide. Those who travel there can find many other natural parks, such as the Lunar Landscape or the Barranco de los Arcos.

There you can walk quietly, since there are several routes planned for it and simply enjoy the place. You can also visit its ravines (such as the Barranco del Infierno) or go to see the dolphins and whales that are on the coast through a boat trip.




Yes, of course, this could not be missed and many people are looking for something like this for the summer season. In any case, as in Tenerife it will always be a pleasant temperature, any time is good to visit the island and enjoy its beaches.

It is interesting that, depending on the area, the visitor can find different types of sand that pass from the black volcanic to the golden sand, coming from the Sahara desert.




As we mentioned, in Tenerife you can find places to stay, with all kinds of luxuries, without compromising your pocket. They are very adapted to tourists, since it is a primary source of their economy.

So, whatever you are looking for, you have it in Tenerife and the offer is as wide as you can choose.



In 1999 UNESCO declared a World Heritage Site to the colonial city of La Laguna. The best thing here is to walk through its streets and discover all its charms, such as the case of the Church of the Conception.




Here there is something for everyone. Of course, whoever wants to opt for traditional Canarian food (such as wrinkled potatoes and mojo picón), but restaurants with other types of Spanish or international menus are also easily found if that is preferred.


Theme parks

Theme parks

It is another way of sightseeing and spending time entertaining in the family. In Tenerife, they have several parks for all tastes. We refer to Loro Parque, Camel Park, Monkey Park or Aqualand. All of them designed for those who go to have a fun time.


Closeness of its people

Closeness of its people

As if all the above were not enough, it should be noted that in Tenerife there are always people of the most pleasant and close, willing to help in whatever it takes.

Not surprisingly, as we said, these are people who are more than accustomed to tourism and who know very well how to make outsiders feel at home.

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