How to get the best vacation … away from snow and frost | Tenerife – the island of eternal spring.


It is 04:30 in the morning – the alarm bell rings… and we are going on a family vacation to the south!

We are going on a 2 week holiday to the south – not to Gran Canaria but to Tenerife, where we know the sun is shining and the weather is good. Sun, sand, beach, and water – we like it!

Well – but there will be no breakfast before arriving at the airport because of course, the fridge is completely empty.
A quick shower – after which the suitcases must be carried out in the waiting car. Check that you have everything – once again !!! Out in the cold car and set off in the murk and darkness of the night.


Stress and rush – or is it vacation?

Stress and rush - or is it vacation?

We will soon find a free parking space in the garage at the airport – furthest away of course. Lise who is the oldest of our children is mad and cross because she has been awakened before the damn gets shoes! It’s raining now and she wants to go down to Tenerife – to sun, beach, sand, and water.

When we finally arrive at the check-in desk, there is of course a queue of waiting charter guests. None of us want to talk because it’s too early in the morning – and we’re tired and not quite awake yet!

After about a half hour – and a little nap while we wait, it’s finally our turn! And then there is breakfast at the restaurant – rolls of cheese and salami, and a strong cup of coffee to wake up to.

Then we have “only” 5 hours left in the cramped airplane, and my husband hates the long flights. “My legs are far too long to get stuck for so many hours,” he says so often when we talk about the annual family vacation!


Why do we go through all this to go on a family vacation once or twice a year?

Why do we go through all this to go on a family vacation once or twice a year?

The case is actually quite simple. We are guaranteed good weather and sunshine – without being too hot when traveling to Tenerife. At the same time, the humidity is such that we do not walk around and are boiling – it is just wonderfully warm. In the evening we can sit outside and grill and enjoy a glass of wine or two.

We don’t bother staying at a boring 4-storey charter hotel, so we chose the Maxxi Resorts hotel which is only 15 mins drive from the airport and 10 mins drive from Las Americas and Los Christianos, so it’s wonderfully convenient.

We have rented a child-friendly villa with its own pool overlooking the sea, because then the children can also play in the swimming pool all evening while we adults sit on the terrace and enjoy ourselves.

The last time we were on holiday in Tenerife (Spain), we had an apartment with our own kitchen right next to the golf course, overlooking the golf course and the sea – and that was also just fine and we got a good hotel information. But Lise had actually wished for her birthday that we should go to Tenerife – and then have our own swimming pool. And what not to do for your children!

In fact, we also think that you have to stay well in order to have the best winter holiday – which is why we chose a smaller and idyllic hotel like Maxxi-Resorts, which we had also been recommended by some of our good friends and had read about and a hotel review. And then the hotel guarantees good weather and you can get the money returned for the stay if it rains

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